Commercial Electrical Services

RDS Electrical provides complete Commercial Electrical Services to businesses and organisations within Bridgnorth, Telford, Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton, Stourbridge and Kidderminster.

It is vital for businesses and commercial organisations to have  a safe and effective working environment for their staff and all who visit, you do not want to be working in a building with insufficient lighting or regular electrical faults creating expensive downtime, therefore it is important to ensure that the correct electrical systems are installed and maintained.

RDS Electrical can provide electrical services as an one off or as part of a regular maintenance plan, to ensure your commercial building, be it office, shop or restaurant, meets your requirements and benefits your business. The services provided by our commercial electricians are noted, but if you require help in an area not noted, please contact the team at RDS Electrical as we may be able to assist.


Commercial Certification

All organisations that operate with staff and have visiting public have a duty of care to ensure they maintain their premises in a safe condition, with all reasonable care taken to avoid potential hazards.

RDS Electrical provides Commercial Certification for Fire Alarms, Emergency Alarms, and carries out Electrical Condition Reports for commercial properties.


Fire Alarm Installation

To protect your commercial property and to meet UK standards, all buildings require a Fire Alarm System. RDS Electrical installs professional Fire Alarm Systems for all commercial organisations, designed specifically for the premises and business needs.


Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is legally required in commercial properties, ensuring the building has appropriate lighting for people to operate and safely leave in the case of emergency. RDS installs Emergency Lighting in new installations as well as providing and installing systems in existing buildings.


Lighting Design

It is essential that you have the right lighting in your property particularly so if you need to create certain work conditions, ambience or environment. RDS Electrical offers a Lighting Design Service that looks at your exact requirements, and designs a lighting system that works for you. So if you are looking for efficient office lighting, relaxing mood lighting in a bar or display lighting in a shop, we can help.


LED Lighting

LED Lighting is a cost effective and efficient lighting solution for all commercial properties, with low maintenance costs and requirements. LED Lights can be adapted for any room whether it is an office or commercial kitchen, LED Lights don’t require replacement bulbs and do not produce heat so they are especially effective for heat sensitive properties or businesses.

RDS Electrical uses JCC Lighting Advanced Lighting products, designed specially for commercial use.


Ventilation and Extraction

When setting up commercial property it is important to consider issues which could impact the working environment such as Ventilation and Extraction. RDS Electrical provides Ventilation and Extraction services to all commercial properties, from kitchens to factories to showrooms, and provides Ventilation and Extraction solutions based on their individual requirements.

RDS Electrical also offer Electrical InstallationEnergy Efficiency and Maintenance Contracts as part of their Commercial Electrical Services.



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