Domestic Electrical Services

RDS Electrical provides a wide range of Domestic Electrical Services for homes, existing or new builds. The experienced team will complete a comprehensive review of your property and needs before advising and providing a recommendation. If you require guidance on a Domestic Electrical Issue but do not see it noted, please contact our team who will be able to advise you if we can help.Electrical Testing and Inspection.



If you are a landlord with rental properties, you are obliged to provide a duty of care and to provide a safe environment and property for your tenants to live in. This requires you to carry out a Electrical Condition Report every 10 years or change of tenant, ensuring the property is in a fit state and that the electrical installations are safe and meet the required British standards.


House Inspections and Surveys

If you are considering purchasing a new home, you need to be aware of the condition of the property and if there are any potential issues you need to know about. A survey is highly recommended before any purchase so you are not hit with any unexpected costs after you have moved into your property. This will offer you peace of mind that your electrical installations are safe and have not been damaged by any previous DIY work. RDS Electrical offer pre purchase house surveys and full condition inspections to inform you of the exact condition of the electrics in any property.

We offer a Visual Survey, taking approximately 1 hour, with our team visually reviewing the electrical installations, but no in-depth investigations take place.

We recommend a Full Condition Inspection, taking approximately 4 hours on site, allowing our staff to complete a comprehensive review of the property, providing you with a full detailed report on their findings, and ensuring you are fully informed of any key points or issues uncovered by RDS Electrical.


Smoke, Heat and CO2 Alarm Installation

In your home you want to feel safe and comfortable, so it is important to take precautions such as installing  heat, carbon dioxide and smoke alarms, which can help prevent emergencies or highlight situations such as gas leaks or fire.

RDS Electrical can advise on the safety alarm requirements of your home and install low maintenance alarms, giving you peace of mind in your home.


Electric/ Storage Heating

We all want to have a warm and comfortable home but without spending a fortune to heat them. If you are looking at installing Central Heating in your home, your existing heating system is no longer fit for purpose or requires upgrading, RDS Electrical can provide these services. Our team will offer advice on if your current system needs rewiring, upgrading or if a complete new system is appropriate.

If your home has very old storage heaters, they can contain asbestos, if you have storage heaters in your property, RDS Electrical can advise you on a alternative modern, efficient heating system from Farho Heating Systems or other approved suppliers, with up to 10 years guarantee (conditions apply).



RDS Electrical provides Wiring Services for new and existing properties, offering first and second fix for new installations. For existing properties, if you are experiencing issues with your electrical systems, our team offer a Fault Finding Service.


TV/ BT Points

RDS Electrical install TV and BT points in new builds and existing properties.


Lighting Design

RDS  Electrical provides a lighting design service so you can make your home light, welcoming and a space you love. Working with existing space or with new building designs, our team will design a lighting plan that will create the right ambience for your home, or provide a good working environment such as in kitchens, home offices etc. Our staff also provide advice on Lighting Issues or Faults you may have and install fixes or solutions to create the ideal lighting for your environment.


LED Lighting

LED Lighting is becoming increasingly popular, as we look for more efficient ways of running our homes. LED Lighting is suitable for any room and offers a cost effective and efficient way of lighting your home, requiring no replacements and no issues such as overheating bulbs which you can experience with traditional lamps.

RDS Electrical uses products from companies like JCC Lighting Advanced Lighting and Collingwood Lighting with professional efficient products that provide up to 10 years guarantee for your peace of mind and no maintenance.


Fuse Board Replacement

Our domestic electricians offer complete Fuse Board Replacement, ensuring it is fitted properly and complete testing of the Fuse Board and House Wiring following installation. We provide Safety Certification following installation.


Shower Repairs and Installation

RDS Electrical offers Shower Repair and Installation services. Our staff will advise whether it is appropriate and cost effective to repair an existing unit, as well as installing new shower units.


Cooker and Hob Reconnections and Installation

If you have bought a new cooker or hob, or need to reconnect an existing appliance, it is vitally important that it is done correctly to ensure the appliance is safe to use.

It is recommended that you use a fully qualified electrician like RDS Electrical when installing appliances, to complete the necessary installation and to fully test your cooker or hob before using it.


Ventilation and Extraction

RDS Electrical offers Ventilation and Extraction installation and maintenance services for domestic properties, including kitchens and bathrooms, ensuring your home has effective ventilation and making it a comfortable living environment for you.


Outdoor Electrical Installations

If you are planning on building an outdoor building such as a garage, stable or workshop, and require electric supply, RDS Electrical can help. The team can provide guidance before construction with regards to providing electrical supply and install the appropriate electrical installations on the build. If you already have an outdoor building which you wish to have electric supply in, our staff will look at your requirements and provide the necessary electrical installations to achieve the results you want.

If you are looking to install power in a outdoor area, such as your garden, RDS Electrical provide External Power Solutions such as pumps, sockets and lighting for external use.



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