Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency for your Commercial Property

When it comes to business and commercial organisations, overheads and expenses need to be managed, you want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to run your business in an efficient and cost effective manner in all aspects, including how much energy your office or commercial property consumes and how it does it.

A professional working environment is essential regardless of whether you are a restaurant or a factory, so you don’t want to compromise this by turning down the lights, or turning down the heaters in the winter just because you have inefficient and expensive systems at your property. RDS Electrical can provide an advisory service to you, fully reviewing your electrical systems in place and implementing solutions that will allow you to keep your overheads down, whilst maximising the potential of your office, restaurant or shop.

RDS Electrical provides Energy Efficiency guidance in the following areas:


Lighting (Internal)

Using effective, Energy Efficient Lighting equipment and smart design, you can optimise the use and cost of lighting your buildings. This includes looking at the lighting installed, timer systems, sensors etc so you never unnecessarily waste electricity through lights being left on or when no one is in a building.


Lighting (External)

Using specialist Outdoor Lighting Equipment, you can ensure your property is well lit, essential for those dark winter evenings, but without a huge cost. This will include looking at using sensor and timers, and using the right equipment for your surroundings.



RDS Electrical will review the heating requirements for your property and advise you of the most appropriate Heating Solutions and technologies that effectively heat the space but keep costs low.


Surge Protection

It is essential that every business protects their electrical installations and vital equipment they use on a day to day basis such as computers and office equipment, as it can be devastating if it malfunctions. RDS Electrical offers guidance on Surge Protection so you can protect your electrical installations and equipment, and avoid the costly repair bills as well as costly energy bills.

RDS Electrical uses JCC Lighting for professional lighting solutions including energy efficient LED lighting, for all work environments. For heating solutions, RDS Electrical uses Farho Heating, offering effective heating products that can be used in a wide range of locations and buildings.