Home Alarms

House Alarm Systems

At RDS Electrical we know how important it is that you can protect your property, and have a safe and comfortable home. A Home Alarms System is a good solution to providing additional protection for your property, acting as a deterrent to potential threats, but also to alert you immediately should something happen.

RDS Electrical offer a number of alarm solutions such as smoke alarms, all of which can be integrated into your wireless alarm system for a full Home Security System.

RDS Electrical uses high quality specialist equipment from Pyronix and RISCO.


Burglar/ Intruder Alarms

RDS Electrical provides Burglar/ Intruder Alarms protecting your property when not there, if an alarm is triggered these can be set to contact an appropriate person, allowing them to review the nature of the alarm and to take action as deemed necessary.

Click here to download and find out why you should choose an Enforcer Alarm.


Access Control/ Gate Automation

Inside our homes, we can control who comes and goes, but outside this isn’t always possible and you may like to manage who can access your property with solutions such as Electric Gates. Offering you more privacy and security, this Home Security Feature can be programmed with key codes, automatic opening and closing, from inside and outside of the property.


Code Changes

Codes and Access Keys allow you to manage your Home Security but for any number of reasons they may need to be changed. RDS Electrical can attend call outs to change codes and reset your House Alarm.


Security Lighting

RDS Electrical can install security lighting outside of your property to meet your needs.