What is Energy Efficiency? Why do we need to know about it?

Energy Efficiency is ‘using less energy but receiving the same service’, essentially doing what you have always done at home, or at work, but looking at ways to reduce the energy required to do so by making how you use it as efficient as possible.

The cost of energy is something that we all need to think about now and again, as home owners, businesses or those in charge of properties. With the cost of energy forever changing, and consumers wanting to get the most for their money, it is important to ask is your home or commercial property as energy efficient as it could be?

A number of ways to improve your property’s Energy Efficiency include:


Do you use Energy Efficient light bulbs such as LED lights? Are you constantly switching lights on and off – would you benefit from sensors or timers to use your lighting effectively? RDS Electrical can carry out a professional review of your current lighting systems and provide guidance to how it can potentially be improved.


Modern heating systems and boilers offer much better Energy Efficiency than previously. There are a number of heating solutions suitable for all property types that can effectively heat your home, office or restaurant using much less energy than before. RDS Electrical can provide guidance on the most effective systems for you, their efficiency ratings as well as providing installation support.


Whether it’s office equipment such as computers and printers, or at home your fridge, washing machine or tumble dryer, it all adds up when you receive your electric bill or review the overheads of your business. It is important that you look at the energy efficiency rating when considering new equipment or appliances, ensuring it does the job you want it to, but for the lowest energy usage and cost possible.

These are just the start to answering the question What is Energy Efficiency, but our professional team can carry out a comprehensive review  of your home or business to allow you to review all areas where your property is not maximising it’s energy efficiency. If you would like to improve the energy efficiency of your home, work place or property, call RDS Electrical to see how we can improve your energy efficiency rating.